In his critique of capitalism, Karl Marx tried to prove through his theory of dialectical materialism that the world advanced though a struggle between classes, namely the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. He also advocated violent revolution as a means to realize the classless society or a people’s paradise.

In reality, evil is not decided by whether one is rich or poor, nor by political affiliation, race or nationality. The line dividing good and evil is not drawn between classes, political parties, nations or races. It lies inside of every human heart and it is therefore God’s central work in history to begin by restoring or salvaging the individual that the ideal society can emerge.

Violent revolution leads to ruin. Socialism that denies God and exalts government alone leads to stagnation and decline. God’s ideal economic system uses the family as the model of the ideal. For example, the owners stand in the position of parents, management in the position of elder brothers and sisters, and employees and customers in the position of children.
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